Last week, I wrote a post about remaining faithful, working hard, maintaining a good attitude and continuing to trust God even when your circumstances are telling you to give up. This morning during the time when I’ve been trying to consistently read my Bible, I just kept thinking about all the times God has promoted me at my jobs. I worked behind the scenes in Film and Television for 5 ½ years. I was working 12 to 17 hour days so I decided to leave that industry for a more balanced life and to make time for my passion—acting and to “creatively serving through art™.” Those who know me well know I am currently working as a maid. Yeah, I leave work smelling like dust and bleach! So how is that a promotion, you may ask? Well, first off I will say this—I’ve had a ton of jobs and after speaking with successful individuals in the entertainment world, I discovered, that’s actually pretty normal for creative heads. We refuse to spend our lives working a job that makes us miserable so we’ll pretty much do anything to make time to pursue our passions which we long to be our careers. Society says go after stability and money. I say, pursue your purpose... and the money... and better yet, peace will come. So here are a few perks to why I choose to look at cleaning toilets a blessing after working with billionaires.

1. My pate rate started out much higher than what most maids get according to my research. 2. I can listen to music and/or study lines for a script while I clean. 3. I have time to pursue my passion and have somewhat of a flexible schedule. 4. God’s given me so many different ideas during this transitional period and I’ve already started working on them. 5. I’m somewhat of my own boss. 6. I don’t have to deal with the many phone calls that irritated me when I was a receptionist and the constant complaints as a Leasing Consultant. 7. I get to help people feel good about their clean home! 8. I drive my car. Therefore, I get a stipend every week for gas, car insurance and anything pertaining to my car. 9. God has been using me to encourage some of the ladies I work with. 10. You never know whose house you’re cleaning and I’ve already made a great connection who has insisted that I let her know how she can help out in any way!

For a little while, I was super irritated at where I was in life in regards to my career and relationship status. I had this, “Dang, God, here I am— faithful to You, but single and career-less and everybody else all booed up, getting married, popping out babies, buying houses, getting promoted and blah, blah, blah!” attitude. I was so focused on what I didn’t have that I lost sight of the blessings that were right in front of me and the many times God has promoted me. For example in:

*2005- I went from an employee to being a manager of a bookstore. *2006- I went from a receptionist to being asked to apply to be the Executive Assistant of the company. *2007- I went from interning in Film/TV to working as an Extras Casting Assistant *2008- I was offered an Extra’s Casting Director position *2008- I was offered an Audience Coordinator position *2009- I went from working as a waitress to working as a Writer’s P.A. on a TV Show. *2009- I was promoted from a Writer’s P.A. to a Writer’s Assistant *2012- I was given the opportunity to work closely with the Executive Producer and Creator of a TV Pilot. *2013- I went from working part-time at an after school program of an apartment community to working full-time as a Leasing Consultant for the management company of that same apartment community. *2013- I was recognized by the President of the management company several times as being one of the top leasers. *2014- The day after my last post on faithfulness, I received a call from the owner of the maid service that I was getting a nice raise and today, I was made a Team Leader!

I’m not pointing these accomplishments out to brag, but to simply say— GOD IS FAITHFUL. In every position I had, I was faithful in it and God (although He didn’t have to) proved His faithfulness in return. Even during the few months when I was waitressing. Honestly, that was the hardest job of my life! I went to work mad almost every day. But it wasn't until I took control of my attitude and surrendered to God that things shifted in my life and that’s when I was offered the position to work as a Writer’s Assistant.

So now, I’m a maid. I’ve spent more time this year praying and fasting about different things than I’ve ever spent and I’m still single, had to move from my apartment and so many more things that keep trying their best to nag me into feeling like I’m moving backward instead of forward. But, nevertheless, God is still faithful! Two years ago, I felt clueless as to who I was. Now, I know without doubt who I am and whose I am! Through the years of instability, I have been broken beyond measure in many ways and because of God’s discipline, I can honestly say, I am much stronger and much wiser and I am learning to be content, humble and faithful wherever He chooses to have me. I have prayed for discernment and I am learning to trust His voice! The peace that comes with that is indescribable.

God has a plan for your life and sometimes when everything seems to be falling apart, it probably is— but trust that if you allow Him to, He will put all the pieces back together again in the most beautiful way! Let Him lead you to your purpose and prove His faithfulness. He has plans for you. Plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. Would you rather trust your plans? Or a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever and knows your beginning and your end?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I pray that as I continue to encourage myself, you are also encouraged.

Creatively Serving™,



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