LACE FRONTS & WEED have absolutely nothing to do with each other... But this pic, in which I have on a lace front wig reminds me of when I used to smoke weed. It's been over 16 years since I smoked and although I actually still do like the smell of the controversial drug... (Yeah, I'm odd, lol...) on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a huge temptation, I'd mark weed as a 3. However, I was put in a situation a few days ago in which I could not leave the area where some individuals were heavily smoking. I kind of giggled to myself like, "Really? Am I seriously being tested again?!!! Since I’ve chosen to increase my love relationship with Christ, I can’t begin to explain how many things (and people) have been thrown at me in attempt to derail me from my purpose. The good thing is, I can now recognize those distractions immediately!!! Buuut, that doesn’t make it easier to flee from them! With that being said, I low-key started deeply inhaling the smoke that was exhaled. Yeah, I did… For a quick second, I actually thought about asking them for a hit. But I didn't and I'm really glad I didn't. Sometimes that one thing may not necessarily be a sin itself, but it may be a gateway to a temptation for you. Once that gate is open the devil has a slick way of easing things in one at a time, covering them with lies of innocence and then laying you down in smoldering clouds of regret. I know I can't be around weed on a consistent basis because that #3 will quickly shoot to about an eight... It gets to a point where it's not about being strong-- it's about being wise, using good judgment, creating boundaries and realizing you're never "too holy" to slip back into the very thing God delivered you from. Keep playing with fire, you will get burned. Get close enough to it and the steam WILL scorch you… Maybe locking eyes a second too long with someone you used to “kick it” with or scrolling through the page of an ex when you’re not being satisfied by your significant other is a temptation for you. Perhaps, it’s having a drink at a tailgate party, triggering your addiction to alcohol and other poor decisions you’ve made because of it. Or maybe, it’s that website you keep getting coupons for that’s actually jacking up your monthly budget… What is the "weed" in your life? Who is the "weed in your life?” It may be time to do some serious cutting! "You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth?" Galatians 5:7 #UseWisdom#LosePride #WalkInVictory #TeamJesus


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