I'M LEARNING AND GROWING as an actress and a woman of God and I've come to accept this-- being misunderstood is just gonna be a part of my life. Some of my entertainment fam don't get me as a Christian who genuinely does try living a life pleasing to Christ & some of my Christian fam don't get me as an actress who will sometimes portray roles outside of my true character and beliefs... And while I don't want to disappoint anyone, at the end of the day pleasing God and fulfilling the purpose HE has for my life is what really matters. He knows my beginning and my end. When He says go, I want to go. When He says wait, I want to wait. When he says switch, it's time to switch gears. Everything I have ever tried without Him-- failed. To know Him is to know who you truly are. The times when I would forget who I was in Christ were the times when I would forget my purpose and feel lost and incomplete. Therefore, I'm excited as I step out on faith and pursue a passion once suffocated in fear and I trust that as I truly keep Him first and seek after His righteousness, all my needs will be added in my life... Everything I do will work for my good and ultimately He will be glorified. I heard a wise man say there are only three opinions that really matter. 1) What God thinks of me. 2) What I think of God. & 3) What I think of myself... I am who God says I am. He loves me and I'm crazy about Him. #ItIsWhatItIs #JudgeNot#SaintsandSinners


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