THIS IS SOOO TRUE and I decided to #RP because I've seen it posted by several different people within the last 2 weeks and it keeps popping out at me. I believe He's trying to tell me something. Something I knew, but He's beginning to make even more crystal clear as I continue to walk in obedience. Although I may not immediately always see what He is doing, I've been through enough in life to trust that He's doing something, and that something is for my good-- The way he strips me away from certain things, the people he gradually or suddenly pulls me from... Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I don't understand... Sometimes he exposes why, sometimes I'm left in the dark... But, whatever happens, He is faithful. I know He loves me and He has my best interest at heart. He knows I love Him and I desperately want to please Him. We don't need anything or anyone interfering and suffocating that love... So, I confront rejections now with a smile, a thank you and I "laugh without fear of the future." Bonjour, new blessings. Bienvenue!


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