When I grabbed a chunk of my shoulder-length hair in college and sliced some scissors across it leaving about two inches of new growth, people thought I was crazy! This one guy told me I used to be a dime, but when I cut my perm off and went natural I was a two! Lol Still cracks me up! Maybe if I was interested in him slightly and had extremely low self-esteem and was depressed, I may have slit my wrist, but… I wasn’t. Anyway, eventually when my natural hair started looking better than people using the creamy crack, the same people who told me they thought I should change my hair back to how it was… were some of the same people who ended up growing their perm out. Same thing happened when I decided to loc my hair. People would see pictures of my straightened natural hair and say (as if I’d asked for their opinion), “I liked it better this way…” Now, they see my locs and talk about how gorgeous they are and how they “fit me.” This morning as I was in the restroom retwisting my roots in my birthday suit (I’m kidding…did that last night. Ha!!!), it dawned on me… When I set my mind to do something I believe in, no matter how rough it may seem at first and no matter how discouraging some people can unintentionally and sometimes intentionally be, I’ve always pressed on. I’ve always kept going because I saw the bigger picture. I saw the beauty behind the rough stage… I knew what I wanted. As a creative being, I’ve experienced many rough stages and many people do not understand me or the path set before me. Add actually living a Christian lifestyle to that, and I’m pretty sure my “weirdness” intensifies to many— And the rough stages, well, my life’s been a roller coaster of tests… There’s beauty though through every experience and although I may not see it all right now, I KNOW it... and it’s only a matter of time before the same people who gave their contradicting opinion on how I should live my life— will see and know it, too. As I look over the year I graced this Earth with my presence as a 30-year-old *smile*: -I got a “normal” corporate job after being in Film/TV for 5 ½ years -I moved into the cutest, most lovely and spacious one-bedroom apartment that I painted and personalized myself. -My love relationship with Jesus has intensified. -I’ve developed new friendships in Christ. -I “brushed up” on how to live a pure and celibate life until I get married. (Lord, be a fence, lol) -I was let go of that “normal” corporate job and told to chase after my passion which is my personal motto, to “Creatively Serve Through Art™." -I had to leave that cute, lovely and spacious one-bedroom apartment that I painted and personalized. -God gave me a vision of how I will Creatively Serve Through Art™ at 3:30 one sleepless morning. So yeah… I have to point out that two days prior to being let go, I completely surrendered to God saying, “Whatever you want, Jesus!!!!” LOL… Through every trial… life is good because, God is good and HE is and always will be—my Source. I am extremely blessed, beyond grateful and looking forward to sharing how God is going to order my steps, walk with me and carry me as I live out the purpose He’s placed in my heart. I was Created To Create™. Happy 31st Birthday to Me!!! Creatively Serving™, Tiffani-MiShelle Proverbs 31 Bound IG @TiffaniMiShelle


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