"YOU SEE THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART and you love me the same. You are amazing God!!!" There's been so many changes within the past couple of years. But, there's one thing that has remained the same... His love for me. This tatt is a permanent reminder of that love. Inspired by Romans 8. I can't really see it because of the location, lol, but I can't see God either and yet I know He's always there. *smile* I found a great article, too, (backed up by biblical truth) for those stuck on the misconception that Christians aren't supposed to get tattoos. It's a great read. http://www.gotquestions.org/tattoos-sin.html #iResearch#FirstTattoo #BirthdayGift2Self #Studio219 #Ink#NoRegrets #GodsLove #Unfailing #Unconditional#Indescribable


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