March 16, 2014

IT'S NOT I DON'T CARE, it's I'm learning to completely put my trust in God so certain things really don't phase me anymore. However, if it pleases you, I'll try to lay low with the sarcasm and utilize my acting skills by acting like you're the best thing that happened to me and I cannot breathe without you. Nah, can't lie... Truth is, I'd be absolutely fine without you. As a matter of fact, I'd rather be alone than allow you to waste any of my time. Truth is, I've already been on the brokenhearted battlefield and I came out stronger, wiser and my discernment is sick. Which is why I'm walking away--for your sake. And truth is, the only man I'll ever chase, is Jesus. There's not a J-E-S-U-S consecutively in your name anywhere and you barely hold any of His qualities. Truth is, without God's approval, you're just another dude in my eyes so you can take the jealousy up with Him… OUR creator. Truth is, if you spent more time with Him, you'd understand my love for Him and you'd know my life is VERY balanced, but balance does not equate to compromise. Truth is, I know I'm not perfect. If I were, I wouldn't need Jesus. But, I do need Him. Desperately. It's without HIM, that I cannot breathe. Truth is, I'm extremely happy, I have way too much joy to be bitter and I know way too many AMAZING men of God to think that all men are like you! Truth is... Your personality would add to an annoying antagonist's traits in one of my scripts so I'm so thankful I met you. Truth is... You have potential, but your ego sucks. You need to pray that pride away and get in the presence of a true gentleman--Jesus. Truth is, I really hope you enjoy your life and I'll be praying for you and that is the truth. No sarcasm. Genuinely from the heart because I care not necessarily for you, but your salvation. I've gotten rid of all drama in my life and I fell in love with Peace. The Prince of Peace. Let me know if you want to genuinely get to know Him, then we can have a talk about the way, THE TRUTH and the life... Au revoir, mon ami. Je n'ai pas le temps pour la négativité. C'est un nouveau jour! 

#ConfessionsOfACelibateWoman#CelibacyChronicles #SingleNSaved #JoyfilledJunkie#TheStruggleIsStillReal #ButGodIsMoreReal#CreatedToCreate #ArtisticLove #FueledFiction


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