THE COVENANT CORE ceremony last night. Oh, yes, and the brothers were in the house, too!!! There is nothing lame, weird or gay about a dude deciding to save himself for his wife. It's actually QUITE sexy… And there you have it! WAKE UP, Christians. Let's live this LIFE!!! Keep reading for my Covenant Core testimonial... A FEW DAYS BEFORE HEARING ABOUT Covenant Core, I wiped the dust off a certificate from a previous purity class I'd taken, read the covenant I made to God and took note of two lines. One line had my signature on it and the other line was blank-- never signed by the accountability partner that I still didn't have. I apologized to God and knew then why I'd struggled so desperately to keep my promise. Covenant Core was God's answer to my prayers and a reminder of His promise that nothing I did would ever separate me from His love. It helped me get back on the path of celibacy, a path I'd been following since 2003, but had taken many detours along the way. Detours that led to heartbreak, purposelessness and a spiritual disconnection from TRUE LOVE. About two years ago, my ex-fiance and I broke up a couple of months before the wedding. Covenant Core has taught me even more so the importance of keeping God as number one in your life and relationships. If He is in the center. Love will be in the center, because He is LOVE. I've learned the best way to show God that I love Him is to keep His commandments. And if I can't show God how much I love Him, there's no way I could ever fully express my love to my husband or the family that He will bless me with. Covenant Core encouraged me to write this reminder to myself, that "I'd rather be alone and overwhelmed by the presence of God, than in a relationship that's suffocating God's presence. He is the air I breathe." I now desire to have a relationship (in God's timing) only with a guy who breathes the same air. I've also gotten rid of relationships that weren't drawing me closer to Christ and I bought a new covenant ring as an outward statement that I am striving to remain pure the right way this time-- by putting on my full armor daily, welcoming God-ordained relationships and not letting pride get in the way of being held accountable. I am excited about my growing LOVE relationship with Jesus and looking forward to basking in His LOVE and sharing His LOVE forever. #ChroniclesOfACelibateWoman #CovenantCore#PurityCeremony #PurityRing #WorthTheWait #LoveCommandment #SexualBoundaries #TrueLoveWaits #TrueLove #GodsLove #GodIsLove


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