OKAY, I WAS TESTED. Like Big Time. I put up a post on Instagram this morning about peace in the midst of a storm being a choice. Well, I'm now sitting in the Hilton hotel and my toes feel like they're about to crack off, but God is still good. Allow me to back track... I left my job around 12:45pm. Seven hours later I was less than 20 minutes from my starting point. Cars were running out of gas and going into ditches on both sides of the road and some were just stuck, like my awesome XB. Poor thing was in standstill traffic for so long it got stuck in the ice. I felt myself getting frustrated, but I thought about my post from earlier and continued praying instead. I was hungry (still am)...and holding over 7 hours of fluids, lol... There was no getting out the ice. I looked in the back seat of my car and saw an extra jacket and hat. Praise, God! I wrapped up and started the journey and God sent help. A guy with a truck of people said, "Hop on!" He took my coworkers and I about a mile up the hill and then he went back to help others who were stuck. There was no sight of anything at the hill except snow, street lights and a few strangers in the distance who also abandoned their useless vehicles. I couldn't feel my fingers or toes anymore... Jesus... I softly started singing--praying and worshipping my Savior. Before I knew it, I could see the lights!!! Lol So here I am. Man, I can't imagine actually living in this weather... Thanking Jehovah Jireh for clothes to wear and a home to go to...hopefully soon. He is so good. #ATLSnowStormChronicles

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