I MAY BE THE ONLY WOMAN in the world who hates glitter. I like sparkly stuff, but I hate glitter...like with a passion. I refuse to buy cards with glitter, clothing with glitter... I can't stand the stuff. It makes me sick and it's beyond annoying. It's like a bad relationship that you can't get rid of quick enough. Seriously. After showering for weeks, you'll be minding your own business and a piece of glitter will just pop up on your eyelid. And don't try to scratch it off. You'll be unsuccessful until you scratch a piece of your skin off with it... I hate glitter. With a passion. For real-for real. Because of my strong dislike for it, my friend and coworker sent me this pic. It can look like glitter, but it can't be glitter... #GlitterHater#AStrangePartOfMe #PetPeeve #GlitterSucks#GlitterIsGross #TakeNotes #LolIKnowItsSadSmh

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