THERE'S NOTHING GREATER than being in the presence of our Almighty God! Woke up at 5:00 this morning for prayer and was filled by the atmosphere of praise and worship extending from the voices of those I joined. How sweet and marvelous it was!!! So glad I didn't hit the alarm clock for "ten more minutes" like I so desperately wanted to do. God knows I probably would've just been wiping the crust out of my eyes had I done so. Instead, I've accomplished so much today already; dance rehearsal, grocery shopping; breakfast at IHOP with my $10 gift card (courtesy of my job) and now I'm about to clean up my bachelorette pad, lol then work on this script I'm writing. Praise, God for productivity!!! The prayers of the righteous really do avail much and He is so worthy of my life because He breathed life into me!!! I mean, He is the #CreatorOfTheUniverse,#GiverOfCreativity, #PrinceOfPeace, #HeavenlyFather,#Master, #MyKing, #Savior, #Protector, #Provider,#Restorer #Deliverer, #Discerner; #Joy, #Strength,#Guide... He is my EVERYTHING! There just aren't enough words to fully describe how amazing He is!!! If you don't know Him... I mean like really-really KNOW Him... like if you've just been going to church and never really fully felt HIS PRESENCE-- you're missing out. Seriously missing out. You can try to fill voids by smoking, drinking, having sex, working like crazy or religious church attendance... but I'm telling you, NOTHING... NOTHING will ever compare to wholeheartedly putting God first in your life and honestly striving to live a life pleasing to Him. Trust. I've tried it all... nothing compares. It's all temporary. So WHY NOT give your all into an eternal God? Inbox me if you have a genuine desire to feel His presence or have any prayer requests. Creatively Serving™, Tiffani-MiShelle


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