*a poem/rap God just gave me… it's been a minute. I love when He does this, lol #DaughterOfTheKing* COULD CARE LESS ABOUT The hype. Not tryna be in the spotlight. Just wanna live my life Pursuing my purpose in Jesus, The Lord Christ. Could care less about fame Living for only One Name Eternal treasures beat Compromise Don't got time for those Games Yeah, I've made some mistakes-- A lot Yeah, I've hit and missed-- The spot But I was arrested by my convictions Handcuffed by His Word Thrown in jail by His correction Now I stand on trial for-- My plot. Will I live a life of luxury-- Pleasing pleasures of men? Waiting for my morals to be cast-- In phases of settling sin? Or will I speak up, plead guilty Confess my wrong and die-- To my flesh of wanting to entertain By turning my soul from The Most High? I will put my trust in Jesus He holds the key to open all doors And behind them waits my success Eternally-- and these temporary chores. I know the plans He has for me-- I won't have to go where others go. Supernatural blessings rest in my future-- So sit back, brace yourself and enjoy-- My Show. Creatively Serving™, Tiffani-MiShelle

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