GOD IS FUNNY, lol…smh… I prayed last year that He would equip me with the necessary tools to sell and market my own products and/or ideas. I told Him I didn't understand why He would give me certain gifts if I lacked the ability to share them and make an effective profit doing so. I also facetiously said to Him that, "my future husband is going to have to be in Marketing, because I suck and I need a helpmate!" Needless to say, my knight in shining marketer hasn't come, lol… Until I have enough money to pay someone to market for me-- I'm my own marketing team. Yeah, I can get people on my side to help, but that requires getting them to believe in me-- selling myself. I have NEVER considered myself to be a salesperson. As a matter of fact, I have always disliked selling… to the extreme. I hustled for a couple of months one summer when I was beyond desperate for money. I made some paperback poetry books and hit up malls, salons and barbershops selling my books and doing poetry for people. It was cool... and there were times when I would make $100 in an hour, but I felt like I was begging. Although I wasn't, I felt like it and I truly despised that feeling. I don't think it's "luck" that out of ALL the jobs I applied for within the past year (and was more qualified for), I ended up landing a job in sales! Now, I ask people for money every single day. At first, I couldn't stand doing that. Again, I felt like I was begging. But, I've learned through my free training courses that when I "close", I'm really "opening" up the opportunity for the prospects to move into a community that they're sure to love. I'm also learning so much about how to sale while remaining honest and keeping my integrity. I could not do this job if I had to lie. While working in film and television someone told me I'd never make it in the business because I was "too honest." I still laugh at that! I love when people doubt me… I believe God opened the doors for me to be a Leasing Consultant to show me that I can't persuade people to believe in something that I don't believe in myself. When you truly believe in yourself and/or your product, you're more knowledgeable of why your customers should choose you over your competitors and you're more open to overcoming objections they may give you. In turn, your excitement and confidence is going to shine and they'll be drawn to what you have to offer. They will also be more willing to finalize their time-consuming and stressful search, apply and put a deposit down! This also applies to the artistic world; whether you're an actress, musician, writer, etc-- be confident, know and believe in your product, shop/research your competition and your target audience, and understand that the Casting Director, Producer or who ever you're auditioning or interviewing for is hoping that you're "the one" just as much as you're hoping you're the one. And if you are "the one", they will be willing to pay you for your services! I can officially say I'm in the business of sales. I'm selling, leasing and moving people into new homes for now, but I know this is only a brush stroke of the full painting that God has flushed out for me. He answered my prayers (to equip me with effective selling tactics) by providing me with a full-time job in selling myself (first impressions are everything) and then homes in my community. In addition to that, I receive free training online and in be-weekly and quarterly sales meetings. God just went over and beyond in granting my request! My background is in film and television. That is the backdrop of everything I do and will eventually be the framework of the broader picture and my desire to creatively serve™. Selling is a necessary tactic that I needed in order to dance my way into my dreams with confidence. So to the person who said I would never be successful in the entertainment world by being honest-- Watch me… Watch God. Creatively Serving™, Tiffani-MiShelle And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

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