UUM, YEAH... I'M A GOOF. But I can be sexy when I want to be. I think I'm pretty hardcore, too. Lol, what? I'm different. Don't believe me? While girls were going crazy over Kris Kross in elementary school, I had the hugest crush on Steve Urkel. Not Stefan Urquelle... Steve Urkel. He was so sexy. Lol Oh, yeah, and I've had my share of fist fights-- all with boys. I don't know, I think the whole puberty thing had us all jacked up. Kissing in the dollar movie at Avondale Mall before it became Walmart and secretly wanting to be one of the kids on Barney at the same time, had me a li'l twisted. Oh, yeah...I wanted to play professional basketball before the WNBA even existed, too. For someone who didn't stop playing with Barbies until I was like twelve-- I was a huge tomboy. But I was a sexy tomboy... even then. Yeah, with my mid-drift top, baggy jeans that showed my white boxers with red lips on them... I was doing it big-- Aaliyah style. Anyway, I went to go play football with the guys in my neighborhood one day and they humored themselves by chasing me all the way back home with their Super Soakers. Punks. So where's the new-sexy come in? I'm glad you asked. I forced myself to learn how to walk in 4 to 5 inch heels a couple of years ago... After feeling and hearing the back of my ankle snap, I accomplished my mission! The same year, I rewarded myself with my first Victoria Secret bra-- The Walmart ones just weren't doing it for me anymore. I'm sure my future husband will be happy. I gotchu, Boo! The point of this post is... there is no point. I mean, if you must have a point, let's just sum it up by saying, I'm a Sexy-Hardcore-Goof. There you go... #NoHashTag


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