YEP, I NEEDED TO step away. It was refreshing -- stepping away from social media. I even started writing in a diary again; a diary app with a password. I guess I've "upgraded" from the white and black marble composition books I wrote in as an adolescent and the purple diary with kittens on it and an attached gold lock. I suspect that my writings are probably juicier now, too... Nah! I doubt it. I've been doing good. I got a job... a "regular" job; a non-behind-the-scenes entertainment job. Yep... It's been a long time coming... Praise, Jesus! :D Speaking of Jesus, I just wrapped a seven episode web series and my character needed a whole lot of Him! This role was different from the usual girl-next-door and picture-perfect girlfriend type roles I've been cast as, but it was fun. Fun and... intense. I don't start my full-time job until April 1st, so I'm currently still working at L.A. Fitness and with the kiddos part-time. I've been exercising, but not much with my trainer. He used to push me. Now, I've been pushing more doughnuts in my mouth than weights. It's bad... I blame the kids though, lol. I'm always snacking with them... cupcakes, cookies and pizza parties... If they were my kids, I'd ban them from anything with sugar in it. They're a handful! I love them though and will miss teaching them dances and sign language to positive music, seeing their smiles when getting off the bus with a 100% on a spelling test that I helped them with and... I'll miss them nagging me, "Ms. Tiffani-MiShelle! Ms. Tiffani-MiShelle! Ms. Tiffani-MiShelle! Ms. Tiffani-MiShelle!!!" Ugh, the thought of it makes me exhausted... Anyway, I've learned so much by working with these kids. I've seen so much and heard so much... good, bad and heartbreaking. Parents, please... be mindful of who you let around your child/children, what you say to them and/or around them. Be there for them, hug them and tell them how much you love them every single day. Seriously, those things really do matter. They really really do... Anyway, I can't say I'm going to start posting a lot like I used to because time is money and money is time, but I may make my visits a little more frequent. Maybe. I'm still getting my life together... Trying... to get my life together :) To view some behind-the-scenes pics of the new web series, The Industry, click this link,, I think you'll enjoy them. Creatively Serving You Always, Tiffani-MiShelle ♥

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