I DIDN'T WANT TO FINISH. With an engagement going sour and my finances taking a turn for the worse, my desire to complete an album that I'd been working on for nearly six years pretty much went out the door with the ring. PREVIOUS THOUGHTS: What's the point of completing it? I don't even feel like performing anymore... Who's gonna listen anyway? Who's gonna care? No one seems to care about anything else going on in my life. Seriously, hardly no one's even asked how I'm doing? How I'm holding up? Yet alone sent a word of encouragement... I mean, everyone who knew "us" suddenly wants to act as if "we" or "he" never existed. Not to mention the lack of support I received when I published my book... and forget the money, but I couldn't even get a congratulations from some people I admired! So why??? Why would I want to finish this album?! Why would I want to put in the work and time?! Why would I want to put almost everything I earn into a project when there's no guarantee I'll even make half of it back?!?! PRESENT THOUGHTS: Well, here's why; and the why is quite simple... I wanted to make an album of original songs and songpoems™. I said I'd do it, so I NEEDED to do it. I'm a creator. God designed me to create. Therefore, regardless of anything or anyone... creating is something I HAVE to do... creating is something I WILL DO... and... it WILL BE done in excellence. #BelieveThat Forget approval. Forget recognition. Forget the money. If you have a passion for something... do it! Work toward that passion. Strive toward achieving YOUR goals! They are YOURS and the ONLY person who can strip them away... IS YOU!!! Speak death to any negative thoughts and DO YOU!!! Trust me, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be exactly who God called YOU to be. Otherwise, there'd be no you... #TimeForAChange ~Encouraging you as I encourage myself~ Creatively Serving™, Tiffani-MiShelle♥ The beauty in LOVE; the inspiration in PAIN... pushes a wise woman to seek CREATIVE gain. ~poeticSHIFT, coming Dec. 2012 *Thank you to all of you who have joined me on this journey by becoming a part of my "supporter's page." I look forward to becoming whole with you.*


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