THIS IS WHY I'M HOT (A Message For My Single People)

1. I have a strong growing relationship with God.

2. I have a determined and positive attitude toward life. 3. I have a good sense of humor. 4. I have a giving spirit. 5. I am honest. 6. I am respectful. 7. I am fun. 8. I am considerate. 9. I am humble. 10. I am forgiving. 11. I am trustworthy, faithful, and loyal. 12. I am romantic. 13. I am attractive. 14. I am physically fit. 15. I am strong-willed. 16. I am goal oriented. 17. I am creative. 18. I am teachable. 19. I am likeable. 20. I am an encourager. "AND THE BEAT GOES ON!", but now I challenge you to begin to make a list of why you deserve to have a healthy-loving relationship. Try to focus on these characteristics as you wait patiently for God to bring you a mate. Focus on strengthening your relationship with Him. Learn to love doing things with just you. Talk to God about how you feel as if talking to a friend. Talk to yourself as if talking to a friend. Tell yourself that you qualify to receive God’s best. Speak your list when doubting yourself. The more you begin to believe that you are worthy of adoration and honor. The more you will attract those willing to give it to you. ~Encouraging You As I Encourage Myself~ Creatively Yours, Tiffani-MiShelle

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