Production was pushed two days, so I decided to come in about an hour and a half earlier than crew call this morning. The offices still hadn't been unlocked, so I entered Stage 4 and browsed the sets.

"This marks the seventh television show I've worked on." I thought. "I've been asked to be involved more creatively with this project than I've ever been. I like it... I like this feeling..."Then, my mind started wandering... I thought about what was supposed to be my wedding date earlier this year... You know, I think a lot of times my "inner me" is my worst "enemy" (as my bishop likes to put it). This whole year I've been off and on about how I feel about a certain characteristic trait... I mean, I'm a fighter. I fight for my peace. I fight for what I believe in. I fight for who I love and who I care about. Sometimes, I love that about myself. Sometimes... I don't. Because I allowed negative thoughts to interrupt my spirit, my mind quickly shifted from being grateful and happy... to being irritated with my persistence. I started thinking about how much I fought to make my relationship work. I became angry again for allowing myself to fall in love after years of being very careful with who I gave my heart to.

After awhile, another feeling came. And the longer I sat in video village, the more this new feeling began to overtake me... this assurance... assurance of who I am and who I'm growing to be.

I am a woman that God is molding, shaping, and building to surpass any obstacle and many rejections. I am a woman who will acquire an abundance of accomplishments... in her personal life and career. I was created to be a fighter. I was created to love. I was created to create. And everything that I AM is already instilled in me and everything I DESIRE to be... is already around me... Overcome negative thoughts. Take time to reflect. Trust the spirit of God in you. Creatively Yours, Tiffani-MiShelle ♥

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