I WENT DANCING LAST NIGHT, and the following things became clear to me: 1. If a guy insists on getting my number... a sure way to make him run, is to twitch my eye and tell him my fiancé and I just broke up and I am extreeeemely unstable emotionally... Works like a charm! 2. I'm more than happy dancing by myself. As a matter of fact, I prefer that. Maybe eventually that one man will come again who I don't mind dancing with all night... but until then, I think I'm cool. 3. I have a natural high. I don't need alcohol to let loose. I did have one glass of wine last night... but dancing is like a fun workout for me. While "droppin' it like its hot" I'm thinking squats! Therefore, water is my choice of hydration. 4. I cannot dance to someone telling me to "pop my pu**y." I'm appalled at all the women who stood against the wall during the "semi-clean" music and ran to the dance floor during that song... Seriously? I secretly wished they'd trip on their way. 5. I'm not a clubber. I loooove dancing, but I'd much rather dance all night at a reception, family gathering or church anniversary. At least I can count on hearing good music, too. This new-age music is whack! (with the exception of a few songs...) 6. I do desire to get out more (since my confinement proves to be a little unhealthy at times)... But, I want to do things like go horseback riding, go to a basketball game, indoor mountain climbing, take cooking classes, go laser tagging, paintball shooting, the list goes on... None of that includes seeing a woman laying on top of a bar kissing a man who just fed her a strawberry from his mouth. What the heck?! I secretly wished she'd choke. 7. I'm different. Some call me lame... Some say goodie-two-shoes... Some say church girl... Some say boring. I say, everything you wish you were. I've gotten parties started just by walking in the place... and that my dear, is the honest truth. 8. Five inch heels when you haven't slept in 23 hours are no good. 9. Seeing puke next to your car when you're about to leave assures me that being sober is waaaay cooler... and more sanitary than being drunk. 10. I enjoy walking into a peaceful, drama and drunkard-free home. So that's what I concluded. Now as you continue your day pleasantly, I'll be in the bed watching Netflix marathons until I fall asleep. Good Day! Creatively Yours, Tiffani-MiShelle

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