SINGLE LIFE IS FUNNY... Well, at 29 it's funny. Especially after preparing every aspect of my being for marriage. So suddenly after being committed to one person for four years and pretty much planning my whole life with that one person, I have to switch gears. It's like WHOA!!! Am I wearing an 'I'M SINGLE!" sign? I'm just chilling. Doing me. Life's too short to be feeling all depressed... I mean, I would be lying if I said I didn't have fluctuating faith... but for the most part, I do trust that God knows what He's doing. And, I do desire to get to the point where I know without doubt that God's got me... He's never let me down before. If anything, he's fixed problems I created! But Lord have mercy, I need some of His strength!!! Seriously... I mean like seriously... for-real-for-real... I need to renew my mind in an entirely different way now. Or, just lock myself in a room so I can stay outta trouble! Lol I'm just working out... that's it. Pray for ya girl, y'all... lol, smh... ~Tiffani-MiShelle

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