I was in the car and suddenly my mind started wandering again. To maintain peace of mind I turned on the radio for a little inspiration. 99X... "Never Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift... Switch! 102.9... "Climax" by Usher... Switch! 104.1... Some sappy old love song... Switch! 102.5! Ovation Hair Therapy? Uuh... Better... but not quite the inspiration I was going for. Switch, Switch, Switch! Then, CLICK! Had to shut it down... I couldn't help but to laugh out loud at life! "Really?! You really gonna do me like that, lol?!?!" It's natural to seek encouragement from people or things, but please make sure you train and keep the biggest motivator on deck... YOURSELF!!! Laugh Today. Smile Today. Love Today. Creatively Yours, Tiffani-MiShelle

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