AFTER MANY YEARS, I made the decision not to do anymore behind the scenes work in film and television so that I could pursue acting. With that decision, came the reality that I needed to find a “normal” nine to five job until my acting career started picking up. Well… that job search has been wack! I’m not even gonna go into details about how wack it’s been.

Long story short, I received a call to work on another television show for a couple of weeks and I accepted. Do you know HOW MANY companies I've had to reach out to in attempt to land a regular full-time job?!?! How many TIMES I've had to reach out to them?!?! How many interviews I’ve been on, applications I’ve submitted (hard and electronic)?!?! How much gas I’ve wasted driving to these jobs?!?! Do you know how many callback I’ve gotten?!?!

[insert cricket noise here]

My point exactly. None. I’m beginning to wonder if God is closing the doors to all of these “normal” jobs to make me available for jobs in the entertainment industry. I am trying to escape the behind the scenes world, but it’s like a magnetic force that keeps attaching itself to me. Yesterday, after waking up at 3:00 in the morning for my part-time job and leaving at nine in the morning, I roamed around Buckhead aimlessly until 6:30 that evening. I wanted to watch the screening of my former acting coach, Terri J. Vaughn’s new film (which was the bomb!) and the distance of my current residence to the city doesn’t quite allow me to go home all willie-nillie only to make an hour drive back out. So, during this span of time I kept being placed in the path of passionate people in the entertainment field. I was chilling at a coffee shop and this young lady asked if she could move her chair closer to my table to get out of the sun. I said, “Sure! By the way your makeup is pretty.” This sparked a conversation. I found out she’s a makeup artist for films. A couple hours later, I’m browsing a store doing some faith shopping (aka window shopping) and one of the employers openly starts sharing his life with me. I didn’t ask him this stuff. He just told me. He testified about how broke he is now, but how passionate he is about filmmaking. He showed me a video of his work. Shared all the equipment he used and the software. He didn’t have any money… but his work was phenomenal! He told me to never give up. (I didn’t share a sappy story with this dude… why was he trying to encourage me?! God obviously knew I needed it and used him as a vessel). He told me… an investor put $83,000 toward the production of his feature film just from seeing the trailer alone. We exchanged information…

God knows the desires of my heart. He knows I’m more than an actress and writer… I’m a creator. I like to bring things to life. I’ve never wanted to be put in a box. A lot of people don’t understand my journey. They say I do too much… I’m all over the place… Well, I do what makes me happy. So when I feel like posting karaoke videos and singing like I can out do Whitney and Jennifer… Guess, what… I’m gonna do it. My definition of success is not fame… it’s living a joyous and healthy life spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. So while I’m trying to figure out this path God wants me on… I’ll continue to create and do me… walk into the doors made available, and trust that “[my] gift will make room for [me] and bring [me] before great men.”

So yeah, I’m an actress… but I’m also a writer and poet with a book out and will be releasing a full 14-track album later this year… AND, I just directed and edited a webisode for a series that I will also be starring in. That’s a book, an album and visual media that when I pass on, will still live on… How many people can say they have that? Do what you love. Figure out your definition of success. It’s your life. You hold the key to your happiness.

Creatively Serving Always, Tiffani-MiShelle ♥ Please VISIT and LIKE my page, ****

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