I am so proud of myself! This morning I finished reading the entire New Testament. Its so important to read the Bible for yourself. Going to church is great, but that's def not your token into heaven. Some of the worst people I know are in church. Some of the best people I know won't even drive into a church parking lot. As a matter of fact, "church folks" turned me away from church for a long time. Not to mention, a lot of religious practices that have been passed down for generations aren't even biblical.

I am not saying people should not go to church. I think its vital to a growing relationship with Christ IF you are being spiritually fed. If not, it can dry you out and leave you depressed... I've seen it happen. Don't just take your pastor's, mentor's, grandma's or my word when it comes to God's promises. Read His Word. Develop a relationship with Him. ..When you truly seek Him, you'll find there's nothing sweeter and more fulfilling than His presence. Tiffani-MiShelle ♥

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