I'M NOT SURE WHAT GOD IS doing in my "love life" and career, but my heart can't help but to trust Him. He knew me before I was conceived, He knows the course of my life and He knows when I'll take my last breath. He's been there when the people I trusted let me down. He's comforted me through every rejection. He's strengthened me and anchored me in boldness through every fear. Whenever I have been down to nothing financially, He's always provided. He encourages me to get up when I fall and if I can't on my own, He picks me up.

At the age of three, He healed me when the doctors said a scratch in my eye could leave me blind. He helped my family and I escape an extreme house fire. He protected me at eight years old when I fell out of a moving vehicle (with a semi-truck driving on the opposite side). He was there keeping me occupied with an annoying customer as my coworker, who was standing right beside me, was held at gunpoint... (Had I actually seen this I def would have freaked out). He shielded me as a teen when my friends and I were shot at by a guy who was later convicted of murder... All the times we'd walk to the store and hitch rides back home with strangers... He kept us safe. God, we were so stupid, lol...

He woke me up after being hospitalized from smoking tainted weed (and I was still in my right mind!). In college, I was electrocuted while plugging a blow dryer in a socket. The shock went through my fingertips up my arms and to my brain. I slowly fell to the ground seeing black and blue... Things could have panned out a lot differently. But, God. I got up... Told my friends what had just happened... Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? Yeah, I guess my facetiousness led them to believe I was joking. I wasn't. We shared a laugh.

I could go on and on about His loving kindness and mercy... This isn't even a third of the stories about what He's done in my life. I'm not perfect... at all. But I serve a God who loves me more and has proved His loyalty more than any man in my "love life" and any job I've had. That is why my heart continues to trust Him. "He knows me better than I know myself. My heart, I've learned not to trust. I give myself to You wholeheartedly, Lord. Just a piece of my heart is not enough." Sealed With A Kiss, Tiffani-MiShelle ♥

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