A touching Facebook post from an amazing musician and supporter. If y'all only knew the hustle back then, lol... Papermade books from scraps found in a drawer when my bank account was in the two digits... God is good!


One day I was in the mall eating lunch when a beautiful young lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to buy her book. I thought about it and decided to support her. When I got a chance to read it, I was pleasantly surprised! It was filled with some of the most beautiful poems that I'd had the pleasure of reading. Since then she has grown in life and in her writing. She has gone from "22 Hues of Poetic Love" to now "52 Hues of Poetic Love". Please be sure to support her and any other independent artist that you know. What we create is how we eat. ~Reginald Q. Carter II

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