I NEED A JOB!!! (My Story, My Legacy)

When deciding to leave the production side of television and film to pursue my love for acting, I never expected it to be an easy transition. Although many faces of the crew for indie projects, in-town sitcoms and films are familiar, I didn’t and still don’t expect to get a free ride. I know this road will take hard work and dedication. I also know, that I still have to live… Meaning, until I feel comfortable enough to start acting full-time… I need a J-O-B!

If you’ve read my bio you know I’ve worked behind the scenes in television and film for about six years. I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of the entertainment world. Part of the ugly, was coming in to work one morning, going to lunch and coming back to find out I didn’t have a job anymore. Not because of anything I’d done, but because of a decision made by the “higher beings” to get rid of one aspect of a show. That “resolution” in turn, affected my position.

For about a year or so, I reaped the unfortunate circumstances of their verdict and spent countless hours looking for a “normal” job. (I guess I can’t say it was that unfortunate because I learned so much about my self and my ability to hustle during that time). Jobs that I had no problem getting before the production world were now looking at my resume and tossing it aside. “There’s no way this girl would work for us. We can’t pay her enough!” “Sure… right… like she’s really gonna stay at a job like this when she can be working at a job like that…” Little did these companies know, that I really wasn’t balling like that… at all. Had I been balling, I probably would’ve chilled for a year instead of busting the pavement passing out resumes.

Since then, I’ve gone from selling furniture to pay my rent, to becoming a waitress, to working in the writer’s room of three sitcoms, to learning the craft of watering down my resume again so I can now find a “normal” (less than 12-17 hrs/day) job... again. I say all of this to say, there’s nothing like pursuing your passion and if sacrificing a decent paycheck means that I’ll have more time to hone my craft… then, so be it.

Some people know exactly what they want as a child. Me, I’ve always loved every aspect of the arts, so it’s been a little difficult for me to focus on one. I never wanted to just be an actress. I wanted to write. I never wanted to just write. I wanted to create real-life stories. I never wanted to just create real-life stories. I wanted to create music and write books. Of course there’s the saying, “You don’t want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.” I get that, but my thing is this, the moment you start to think you’ve mastered something, is the moment you settle on your talent as if there is nothing else you can learn. Not to mention, you should ask yourself, "Is success measured according to fame and society's definition of it? Or how much you pursue and meet the goals you've set for yourself?" So, here’s my theory: Work hard. Pursue what I love. Connect with others that work hard and are pursuing what they love. Create art. It’s never been about making a lot of money for me (unless I’m specifically saving for a project). I want to leave a legacy. Every decision I make is not just for me, it’s for my unborn children… to inspire, encourage, motivate and dare them to dream and live out their dreams. I am extremely grateful for ALL of my experiences. Why? Because it took all of them to become the woman I am today. So while I am struggling a little now, I know I am beyond blessed and things could be a lot worse. I also know God’s got me… and I trust Him to lead the way as I position myself for all the greatness He has in store.

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