You ever just felt like throwing something at a wall? Not just anything though. You can’t just throw a pillow or a rolled up pair of socks and expect to feel better afterwards. It has to be something breakable like… your coffee mug, your laptop or that figurine that’s just been watching you struggle with writer’s block for the past week. I mean seriously, if it ain’t gonna help, it doesn’t deserve to be at the same desk as me… I’m just sayin…

What about screaming? You ever just felt like screaming? Not just a normal, sweet and sexy scream either, but you know, screaming until your throat gets dry and you start to choke? Screaming until all your screams have ran from the madness?

Ever wanted to grab your honesty by the throat and force it to shut up? It’s like, you’re not making things better here, okay?!?!?!

So, yeah… I decided that it’s not fun anymore trying to convince my neighbors that I’m crazy, so instead of reacting off of my usual frustrated impulses, I have decided to come on here and write to you.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m just now trying to get out of my bubble. I like my bubble and my bubble likes me. But it seems like the more I start adding more people to my bubble, the closer it gets to popping. Hmm… you could translate that as snapping, but that would be an understatement. Don’t worry. I’m not going crazy over here. Just going through some things and my usual creative outlet is ignoring me.

Perhaps it’s time to engage in other activities that reduce stress… Something a little more physical and involved…(wink, wink) *Inside joke with myself and my friend, Celibacy. I could totally kick ‘em in the face right now…*

On that note:

Let Writing Session 929,571,92375129593751923759175 begin…

The real issue has been addressed…

I feel much better now.

Oh, how I love writing...

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