First and foremost, my latest book of poetry will be released this month. “52 Hues of Poetic Love” will finally be available for purchase on this website as well as Barnes and Noble and After working toward the completion of this book for the past two years, I can’t explain the joy I feel to finally be able to cross this project off as COMPLETED. Glory be to God.

On to Praise Report Two… My previous blog was a break-up letter to my car. For the last year I've been nervous that one day my car was just going to stop and never start up again. My personal self jump-starter had been my savior a few times, reviving it back to life. But still, in spite of it's unhealthy state, I was determined to ride out in my Escort until I couldn’t ride it anymore! Even when I wrote the Break-Up Letter, I had no intentions on really getting a new car any time soon. I enjoyed not having a car note… even if that meant sporting a ride that only had a tape player and plugging my self jump-starter up everyday and carrying it around like a cell phone.

Out of frustration one day, I began my search for a new vehicle. I knew my next car would be a Scion because I had test driven one last year and fallen in love. But I thought my search was strictly to satisfy my craving. I prayed that nothing regarding the Scion would fall through (affordable rates, excellent salesman, the color I wanted, etc.) if it wasn't in God's will. I'm convinced that God was like, "Get rid of the trash. It's time for you to upgrade," because a few days after my post, I was blasting an actual CD on my brand new touch screen radio in my 2010 Special Edition Scion XB (Only 2000 had been made and it's last years edition, so I just knew I wouldn't get that exact one)!

I wrote the vision and I made it plain… the end result, my dream car, $2,000 worth of free rims, (how this happened is a story in itself) and a letter in the mail stating an error in the contract; that my interest rate (which was already decent) was actually two points lower than what I was told. Glory be to God.

I streamed church live this morning, so instead of doping up on coffee, I doped up on the Lord! I can never have too much of Him! I did want to share one more thing with you, but it's gotta wait now because I have some things to finish before the Super Bowl! So… until next time, Au revoir! And don't forget to pre-order your copy of "52 Hues of Poetic Love" for yourself and for a friend. You will not be disappointed!


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