Who Is Tiffani-MiShelle?

Tiffani-MiShelle Johnson is a lover of art.  A creator and visionary, she strives to walk in her God-designed calling seeking to serve uplifting and authentic messages by living out her motto, "to creatively serve through art".  These forms of art include but are not limited to acting, writing, music, directing and poetry.


For nearly five years Tiffani-MiShelle worked on various productions with Tyler Perry Studios; four feature films (Extras Casting Assistant, Lionsgate), four television shows (Extras Casting Assistant, Audience Coordinator & Writer’s Assistant, TBS) and one of Mr. Perry’s infamous plays (Script Supervisor).  Her behind the scenes work in television also includes working in the writer's room of TVOne’s "The Rickey Smiley Show", produced by Roger Bobb, President/CEO of Bobbcat Films and as a Writer's Assistant to the Creator/Writer and Executive Producer of the BET television pilot "What Would Dylan Do?" starring Kelly Rowland.


With high school drama courses and plays, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Mass Media and minor in Theatre, and her current knowledge of the industry, acting was soon marked as a necessary outlet for Tiffani-MiShelle. Late 2011, she could no longer resist the burning desire to be on-stage and camera. She stepped out on faith-- leaving the production side of entertainment and began honing her craft again by studying, auditioning, and taking as many classes  as she could in Atlanta and for a month in Los Angeles, California.


Tiffani-MiShelle will forever remain grateful for poetry, the written outlet that dragged her out of her shyness.  So while she’s recently recognized this gift as merely a hobby, she is beyond pleased and excited about “52 Hues of Poetic Love”, her book compiled of love poems and songs, and “poeticSHIFT", her first album of songs and songpoems™. Her publishing works also include being a contributing writer in the Sister's In Faith Holy Bible published by Thomas Nelson.


A true joy to be around, Tiffani-MiShelle’s professionalism and creativity extend from behind the scenes in film and television to being in the spotlight. As she’s reconnected with some missing artistic links, she’s found, embraced and is continuously working to strengthen her brand.  Tiffani-MiShelle’s ultimate desire is to combine her love for all forms of art into a product and/or company that will leave a creative and therapeutic legacy with a foundation of faith.


Tiffani-MiShelle currently owns a cleaning business, Maids of Eden. She takes delight in pleasing her clients as she passionately pursues acting. Hence the nickname-- The Cleaning Actress.

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